Make Every Day Count!

Liberty Clothing celebrates life’s moments- from the tiny heartfelt to the monumental, we carry them with us wherever we go. Each memory is stitched into our garments, fostering a connection to the impact they have on our lives.

Find comfort in each piece with memories of shared bonfires, achieving your goals, camping adventures and more. These seemingly ordinary yet profoundly meaningful moments carry a unique bond with the memories we create. They are a part of our life’s narrative.

At Liberty, our designs are carefully and ethically crafted with these moments in mind, aiming to add a touch of magic to every detail. We are committed to creating sustainable garments that seamlessly blend with your life’s adventures, making every day a bit more special.

Made in Canada Collection

  • Surf Hood

    Best hoodie!

    This is the best hoodie I have ever purchased. It is lightweight but still warm and cozy. I love the material! - Keira

  • Recycled Beanies

    Great toques

    These were gifts, and everyone loved them! Prepare for more orders! - Sharon

  • Jackson Hemp Zip

    Awesome hoodie

    Great fit, love the fabric texture on the inside, longer length fits SO MUCH better then the standard hoodie most places sell. -Dimitri